A problem solver for rhode island.


About Dana

Born and raised in Warwick, Rhode Island, Dana loves everything about this beautiful state. Everything except the POLITICS. Dana has zero political experience and considers this a core strength. He has no future political aspirations and is not beholden to any political party, donor, or other special interest group. His loyalties lie with the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Rhode Island. With that foundation, Dana will be a true representative of the people in House District 23 and all Rhode Islanders. He will be a representative the people deserve.


Core issues

We are all paying the price for poor decisions made by leadership in both our state and federal governments. These poor decisions are reflected in the high costs of fuel, groceries, and other everyday goods. We deserve better. I firmly believe that powerful change starts at the local level. As such, the people of House District 23 can rely on me as their next representative to help guide Rhode Island onto a better, more resilient path forward. As a realist, I understand the challenges we face; let’s work together to effect real change.


Although a bit cliché, the truth is that the future of Rhode Island, and of our great nation, lies in the hands of our children. The future of Rhode Island is bright, if we can enable our students to reach their full academic potential. Let’s set our children up for success in the modern workforce, to achieve excellence at our top universities, to thrive as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople.


As an avid outdoorsman, I am committed to environmental conservation in our small but beautiful state. The protection of Narragansett Bay, one of our most incredible resources, will always be front and center.


At a high level, efficiency in government is the result of balanced budgets, rational spending, and the elimination of waste and duplication. In other words, the complete opposite of how our federal, state and local governments have operated for decades. I will lead and support efforts to identify abuse, fraud and waste in taxpayer-funded state programs. I will work to reduce the state debt and stop the seemingly exponential growth of our state government.


rhode island born. rhode island bred.