hello, rhode island!

let’s get back on course

After more than eighty years of single party rule, our great state has been led far off course. The general assembly has operated like a factory producing bad bills and passing legislation that benefits the few and harms most Rhode Islanders. We must end politics as usual in this state and get back on course.



Our state government should encourage and support small business and not actively destroy it. In the post Covid-19 era, we have an opportunity to capitalize on the “reshoring” of manufacturing back to the United States. In the general assembly, I will work across the aisle to create more well-paying manufacturing jobs here in Rhode Island. To further modernize the local economy, we must attract employers in the technology sector and I would focus on creating jobs in the semi-conductor and cyber security industries. These industries are the future of America and will provide secure, high-paying jobs into the next century.


Parents are the primary educators of their children. I also believe that a child’s address should not limit their academic potential and that the safety of our schools can be improved without infringing on the civil rights of Rhode Islanders. As your next representative, I will defend parental rights and support rational school choice and school safety initiatives.


On April 10, 2021, the 2021 Act on Climate was signed into law. This is essentially the “Green New Deal of Rhode Island” and unfortunately it is an incredibly bad deal for Rhode Islanders, our precious wildlife and natural environment. Must we destroy the Earth in order to save it? The answer is no and in the general assembly I will work to fix this egregious legislation and lead efforts to explore alternative sources of energy beyond big wind and big solar.


No state has ever taxed itself into prosperity but our ruling class seems to think it is possible. This is evidenced by the perpetual growth of our state government and spending, the repeated disbursement of corporate welfare, the promulgation of unfunded mandates, and routine misappropriation of taxpayer funds. In the general assembly, I will cut spending and oppose all corporate welfare. I will always act in the best interest of the taxpayers, the people of Rhode Island.